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Why did my therapist sit next to me on the couch briefly during therapy and is this acceptable? - Psychology Questions

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This occured three seperate times over the past year and breifly each time but very confusing and more so due to her suggesting we should go for coffee early in my treatment. I can only assume she was just testing to gauge a response as she has been propfessional and no inappropriate contact has been initiated or occurred. I am just very confused and wonder if I should be concerned. I genuinely have no legal or ethical complaint. I just want an opinion on what's going on. Is this normal practice.

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2 Answers

Speaking as a practising therapist , My view would be to tell her that you feel uncomfortable when this happens and maybe why.

Unlike Catherine , I dont find it 'weird'  however I would ask 'permission' if I wanted to sit next to a client,, perhaps she felt that you needed support when you were telling your story and this is her way of showing it.

My view would be to discuss this with your therapist, ( she should not mind) and see if you can discuss this toghether. 

I would also ask the question how do you feel when people get clost to you... ?

Regards Rory



I had a woman psychiatric nurse at the Harplands in 2012, she was wearing patterned tights and a short skirt...

I was in a private meeting with her, and she sat on a tall chair, she crossed her legs and I was really turned on by this....

I kept wishing I could have sat on the floor to be dominated by her because I felt about 2 feet tall, and she seemed 10 feet tall coolcoolcool