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Have no passions and don't care about much of anything. - Psychology Questions

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I am menopausal and have worked closely with Ob/gyn to ge all my hormones right, however i have lost all desire to do anything i use to enjoy, cant think of anything i really want to do except lay around and watch tv.  I never go out anymore and eat poorly because it just takes too much effort to shop, cook and clean up the mess.  It takes everything i have to just get up in the mornings to go to work and clean my house.  I live alone and have pets and really don't care about having any friends.  I'm not lonely, thank God.  Don't really want to be bothered with them.  This is almost the complete opposite of how i use to be before menopause.  I've tried motivational books, tapes, videos but still nothing.   I dont feel sorry for myself but just don't care.   What is wrong with me?

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2 Answers

you have depression. go get some drugs from the doctor.
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I am on lexapro and paxil. They just keep me from having anxiety which i never had until  the last few years.  I wasnt even sure what this horrible feeling of anxiety was until i asked my doc.  

How much more anti-depressants can i be on until i have no emotion at all?