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Is it bad or good to spank your children when they have done something wrong?

asked Sep 22, 2011 in Child Development by anonymous

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4 Answers

Touchy subject.  You're going to see people on both sides of the fence on this one.  Some believe it to be horrible.  I was spanked as a child and I don't feel as if I were abused or beat.  There's a huge difference between getting a spanking and beating your child. However there are other way to punish your child that might be more effective depending on the child.  Time outs work for obedient children but I've always endoresed taking away a prized toy and allowing the child to earn it back through good behavior.  The lesson usually sticks better. Spanking can teach children.  I'd betten not do this ... while mom/dad can see me.  Better to teach your children lessons instead of contingencies.  On a moral level I see nothing wrong with spanking.  For me as a child it was never the pain that made me cry, it was when my grandmother added in "you disappoint me".  That one phrase is what made by little 5 year old world crumble.  I think that shaming your children can be far more devistating than a little love pat on the tush.
answered Sep 23, 2011 by anonymous
A mild spank on the bottom on a child aged 10 or under, okay. Anything else, not.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by Cat (180 points)
The answer to this would be a stern "NO". Quite a few people have grown up with "spanking" apart of their lives when they did something wrong. Depending on the age of the child, spanking can have absolutely no effect at all other than teach them to solve their problems using violence. Like I said above, the Age of a child, whether it be 1 -10 or the teenage years has many ways to let them know the consequences of their actions without using physical force. It's best to shame or embarrass a child than spank them; so they understand their wrong doing and can then interpret what it means to them. The smaller the child, the quicker you want to let them know they did something wrong. You need to let them know, by speaking to them and telling them why what they have done has hurt the people around them. Simply smacking a kid, wont do much; especially if they don’t know why you're mad. Some kids wont understand they did anything wrong. For Teens, they understand a little better, so you can give them some time to think before you confront them about their misdeed. Again, never using violence. A lot more is at work when child rearing comes into play. its best to seek the insight from someone more psychologically linked, than simply try out your own methods. you coming here for advice is a good example of what more parents should do. Feel free to PM me if you need more assistance. I can go in more detail, but I don’t want this to be too long.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by Japstyll3 (530 points)
100 percent YES! The reason our world is becoming so ruthless and violent is because children are becoming adults and have never had to face any consequences for their actions. They blame everyone but themsleves and will not accept responsibilty. Butt whippings are highly recommended by the one who created children, it's in his manual. If you do not discipline a child early they will discipline you later. They already think they know more than you anyway so just wait until they have more muscle than you. Don't wait for the prison "correctional" systems to try and discipline your child.
answered Sep 18, 2013 by Truth