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wife cheated on my with another man. - Psychology Questions

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my wife cheated on me with another man, when I find out I cried and cried then I  wanted to kill my self... then we talked and she felt sorry for what she did, I told her i am sorry because I didn't treated properly. we agreed to work our relationship out, its been since 2010 when all this started.  feel that I hate her for what she did. This feling is eating me alive from the inside out. some times I just want to leave her and star a new life with another person.... I am really depress. give your advise...thank you very much.


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1 Answer

You seem to have accepted responsibilty for having a hand in your wife looking for attention elsewhere but do not carry the burden of what SHE actually did. Yes she feels sorry because she is now caught and the betrayal will forever scar your trust and break your heart everytime you visualize her with him. It will take a lot of work but you can recover but she has to really sincerlely be accountable and give you everything you need to help you mend. Ask her all the painful details and her deepest feelings about every step she made of those times she was cheating with him so that they are not left up to your imagination. Then once you absorb the trauma continue to communicate your way through any after thought questions so that the slate can be wiped clean and a new beginning can take place, if not those images and unanswered questions will haunt you forever. If she loves you she will tell you everything because she is the only one who knows the missing pieces to a puzzle that is killing you.