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I just watched a movie with rape and it aroused me now I feel just shame how can I stop this from happening? - Psychology Questions

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So I was watching a movie and it had this girl digging a grave and she stops throws the shovel and when the guy says keep going she says or what you'll kill me any way? So he grabs her and puts a knife to her throat. She begs not to be killed her eyes wide open . He says he won't kill her then there's a good long scene of her saying no bobby repeatedly as he rapes her. He cut her shirt and stuff but there was no flesh. From that I got aroused and I'm just so guilty because of it.


I'm a normal enough guy it's not like I'm religious or anything. I'm just really sad right now and feel a lot of shame. Can someone help me?

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2 Answers

Just try and figure out exactly what about it aroused you and maybe you won't be so ashamed. It's not unheard of, by the way, to be aroused by seeing a woman overpowered.
It's called fantasy and it is very common and if most men and surprisingly large amount of women were honest they too find taken by force ideas or images a turn on. Now the guilt ususally comes because of our fears of being thought of as weird or perverted. It's the tension and drama that adds the exciting touch to those scenes.

There's not enough honesty in our sexuality and so therefore most of our inner desires will be kept hidden. Violence gainst women is wrong in any form but fanatsy is healthy when you understand the difference between fantasy and reality. When the lines get blurred then it can become a problem.