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What is autophagia disorder? Is it very common?

asked Oct 31, 2011 in Mental Disorders by anonymous

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3 Answers

Hi ♫

People who have autophagia disorder, eat a part of themselves. It's usually the fingersnails and they also chew dead skin at the tips of their fingers, on the lips as well. This sort of behavior indicates a big stress. A mild form of this behavior is common in most men and women.

Autophagia also means the natural process that our body can use for consume its own tissues. Either as a response to severe hunger, or in order to remove old or dead cells from the body.

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answered Nov 3, 2011 by . (10,960 points)
an extreme type of autophagia is where the person bites and eats flesh from their body not just from their nails and fingertips
answered Jan 27, 2012 by anonymous
I appear to be three years too late, but for posterity I'll fling something up anyway. I'm diagnosed with this. It's a remarkable inconvenience, working by sanitised understatement. Long story. Could have inspired Lemony Snickett. As far as I'm aware so far I'm only the second non-Schizophrenic case documented in the Western world. Oh the mirth. Sorry for the irreverence - if you spend a decade in unadulterated misery attempting to enlist therapeutic aid then head online and end up faced with an almighty middenheap of gore-metal bands, cod-horror art, the sensitive musings of sensationalist pseudo-psychiatric hacks, amateur blog fiends with massive pictures of Hannibal Lecter - which one cold find a tad offensive given the personal circumstances, erotic models in states of vampiric undress and the uninspired recycling of worn Lesch-Nyhan tropes, let alone those darned lab rats with spinal damage you get rather grouchy about the whole situation. I suppose I do have a broken coccyx though. I was reliably informed once by a decidedly gifted companion that there are correlations between it and the bodily necessity for progesterone acquisition given some genetic circumstances. A rather unorthodox method admittedly, but seems bio-chemically sound. Tactile and sensory idiosyncracies also. A latter day re-establishment of benighted self-love. I'd be tempted to postulate an additional correlation relating to my idyllic, pre-school meaderings though the happy meadows of paradise, if you get that rather unsubtle euphemism. It's a bit nippy, I'll grant you, and I'm now immune to morphine, but I've had a big pile of skin grafts, and that seems to cover the physiological damage most of the time. You need a certain dry stoicism this far in. It's not a very pretty thing in particular and does create somewhat of a mess. My fingers are fine by the way - Wikipedia is rather off-track on all that. One isn't displaying DSM-defined psychotic states of consciousness at the time either and is unfortunately lucid. There's a research paper on me by a certain Dr Abdul-Hamid floating about somewhere but the journal costs 300 quid and I don't think my self-indulgence stretches quite that far. Oh well, thank Christ for the endemic compassion of the internet. Truddi Chase would have a field day.

I left another one of these dubious information panels up somewhere. Perhaps the other unlucky sod will find it. I can't imagine this gets Googled too often. I had a huge whack of accumulated research on this as well but ended up deleting it a few months back in a stress-bombarded fit of guilt-ridden pique following a catastrophic argument with someone and yet another one of those offal-y dental forrays. My god did I bugger that up. It was obscene. I suppose we could conclude that there's a directed element of shame-induced self-harm to it then. I'm sure I'm still placed on this blessed earth to answer questions though, in some form or other.

I have a feeling it's none too prudent to leave my full name as it's quite a memorable title so I'll throw in a crass allusion to someone. He sure as hell had a whale of a time too it would seem, according to the ever-benevolent Greeks.

Oh well. At least I didn't include one of the many crappy poems I've written about it.
answered Aug 5, 2014 by Erysichthon. Oh fie to that, my name's B