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She cares too much about animals - Psychology Questions

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I am really worried about sister. She loved animals but with time, she has turned obsessed with animals. If she sees a cat in the street she quits everything and goes to help the cat. She hasn't got a job long time ago and she is really worried about finding a job but on the other hand she is taking care of so many animals that she hasn't got enough time for myself or for her family. She has a lot of anxiety and she is becoming ill.

She has a very low self-esteem and I know it because I had too and I went to therapy for several years because at home we were treated very bad. Now I am fine but she is not.

I have search on the internet about animals and people and I have read what anthrophormism is and I think she hasn't got that. It's eve worse because she feels completely isolated from humans but she desperately loves animals.

Could you tell me the name of problem she may have? Thanks so much for your help.

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1 Answer


I would say, no matter the label. She needs to find why she overreacts with animals. As the cause(s) for her are unconscious, (otherwise she would know why she does that and could control it), I suggest her to go see a Psychoanalyst. Since only them deal with what is unconscious and subconscious. Once the causes are relived / found, the symptom (take care excessively of animals), could be stopped.

Psychoanalysts are not so expensive since most of them adapt their prices in accordance with the income of people. More, she is totally free to search another if the first ones she found don't do that.

Anyway the decision to go see a Psychoanalyst ' must ' come from herself, otherwise + or less unconsciously, she would do everything for ruin the psychoanalysis.


* Take care obsessively of animals, could be for her a way to sever links with the family and other people. It's a way to protect herself. Animals don't judge nor anything... That is all what I can say, without have any information from herself...

You say you and her have been treated very bad, I guess it's from your parents. You know, parents are the first persons we see when we are kids, the way we perceive them (dangerous or safe), determines the perception we would have of people ' in general '  later, once we are adult.



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