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Sir, I m 15 years old girl and my weight is 80.For that all of my schoolmates bullied , laughed at me.So, I don't want to go school i almost tried to suicide but i failed. Plz help me.

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2 Answers

The answer i can give isn't too popular these days. We live in a "offensive" world where most anything you say or do can be considered offensive to someone. It makes me sick how one group or race can accuse someone of being offensive or racist by standing up for what they believe in. There is a huge double standard going in right now and my solution is to fight back. I went to high school in 1972 thru 76 and it was a few years after segragation and it was the peak of the black power movement. I played football and kept to myself but i witnessed a gang of thugs forming based on skin color. One day as i walked to class three black guys had a white classmate physically pinned against the wall intimidating him with loud talk and it was obvious he was very afraid. I intervened and then i became their target and I reacted the only way God equipped me to do...I fought all three with every thing within me and this may surprise you but one ran after i landed a blow to his nose, another rolled in the floor holding his teeth in his bleeding mouth and I had the last one pinned to the floor and making his face into ground beef when the Principal and two teachers pulled me off of them. I never had any racial trouble throughout high school after that. Violence isn't always the answer but sometimes it is. You gotta fight for what you believe in.

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